BigMemory-Connector allows Hadoop users to read and write to memory and bypass HDFS

by Buddy James8. April 2013 20:24

Terracotta recently announced the BigMemory-Hadoop Connector product which allows Hadoop to write directly to memory to execute jobs quicker and provide results faster.  The BigMemory-Hadoop Connector will by pass the file system (HDFS) and will instead write to memory which is much faster.  Clients can also read the results from BigMemory using BigMemory-Hadoop Connector which will bring Hadoop job results to the customer faster than before.

Hadoop isn't a silver bullet, however, It's innovations like these that will further propel the world distributed computing and data analytics forward into the enterprise and beyond.

You can read about the BigMemory-Hadoop Connector as well as download the project here. 

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Ford Wins 2013 INFORMS Prize for Company-Wide Efforts in Analytics and Data Science

by Buddy James8. April 2013 19:54

Ford has been around a long time and they've always been known as an innovators.  Much to my surprise, Ford's CEO Alan Mulally began a campaign in 2006 to use machine learning and data analytics throughout their entire organization to turn the company around and sustain their new found success.  "Analytics and operations research was a major enabler of our turnaround and our ongoing success as a data-driven company," said  Bob Shanks, Ford Motor Company executive vice president and chief financial officer.  "We continue to build on our history of data-driven decision making," said John Ginder, manager, systems analytics and environmental sciences in Ford's Research and Innovation group. "Throughout the company, we're using data science to create smarter business strategies, make better product decisions, assist dealers to be more successful, and improve customer satisfaction.".  Ford has used predictive models to determine the products that they will build.  "Social media and the vast amount of online conversation is helping us get a faster and more specific data set to help us make product decisions. We now use text-mining algorithms to formulate a more complete picture of what consumers want that is not available using traditional market research," said Michael Cavaretta, Ford technical leader for predictive analytics and data mining.

Read more here:

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ADTHEORENT'S Real-Time Learning Machine (RTLM) The Intelligent Solution For Real-Time Predictive Technology In Mobile Advertising

by Buddy James4. April 2013 18:21

Mobile advertising based on machine learning

ADTHEORENT's Real-Time Learning Machine (RTLM) is a break through in machine learning predictive modeling.  The product analyzes information related to an advertiser and creates a prediction model to suggest profitable ads in real time!  The white paper claims that the technology is able to process huge data sets in a fraction of the time that it takes for other machine learning tools. 

You can read all about this new machine learning mobile advertising tool in the official white paper here.

I can't comment on the efficiency of the product until I've tried it, but if it does what it's advertised to do, then this is a must have for mobile app developers and advertisers.


What do you think?

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Welcome to

by Buddy James15. October 2012 10:00

What is a bytepusher?


a person who lives for technology.
a person who writes code, mines data, and arranges bits and bytes to solve problems and better the world through technology.
Hello and welcome to 
This site will provide you with information about technology with a strong focus on data science and everyone's favorite new buzz-word "BIG Data".
I plan to provide news stories, tutorials, source code, product reviews, and everything else that is related to the art of collecting, sanitizing, analyzing, transforming, and predicting data.
You'll find information on neural networks, Bayesian statistics, Decision trees, Random forests, Gaussian process regression, Support Vector Machines, Regression Analysis, Perception, k-nearest neighbor, Data clustering, artificial intelligence, and much more.
So ready your Hadoop nodes, and prepare to Map/Reduce because has officiall launched!

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