Nicole Zhu

Software engineer
when interviewed in
November 2017

Nicole Zhu is a software engineer who recently moved from California to Southeast Asia. She graduated from Stanford University with a background in mechanical engineering and a master in computer sciences. Nicole professionalized her skills during her time at IDEO and the famous software consultancy Pivotal Labs. Her current professional focus is on building digital products with React – a popular JavaScript library that was open-sourced by Facebook.

We talked about getting into programming, the importance of empathy and leaving your ego at the door, about teaching kids to code, the ethos of open source and trendy software careers. Nicole is smart as a whip but more importantly, generous with her knowledge and seems wise beyond her years. We believe that it’s just a matter of time until she builds something that significantly improves people’s lives in one way or another. You heard it here first…

“Coming here I was really excited to see that Singapore adopts a lot of the same ideologies as Silicon Valley and are very advanced in the way that they use design in their day to day product building.”


Part 1

Current responsibilities | Working with React | Getting into coding | Younger generation | Code literacy | Trendy career?

Part 2

Improving skills | College education | Singapore & Silicon Valley | Open source ethos | ‘Role models’

Part 3

Empathy & Ego | Career choice | Moving to Singapore | Routines

Part 4

Part 5