Samantha Soh

Co-founder / Product designer
when interviewed in
November 2017

Samantha Soh is a role model for young entrepreneurs in Singapore – not only among female creators. She is UX/UI designer and co-founder of ShopBack, a Singaporean e-commerce startup that aggregates retailers and provides cash back incentives to online shoppers.

Just recently, ShopBack closed a funding round worth US$25 million to continue their growth in Asia. While interviewing Samantha, we encountered a person who seemed very much self-made; humble and ambitious at the same time. She is a competent designer who diligently honed her craft, and also a savvy business women who has no problem thinking big or going the distance. For sure, a creator who not only inspires but who also walks the talk.

“Ultimately, it’s your passion that drives you, not your surroundings. It’s your resilience and your core passion that will drive you to improve yourself and to do what you like.”


Part 1

Current responsibilities | UI/UX | Getting started | Importance of coding | ShopBack | Cash back? | Being a startup | Tricky bits

Part 2

Design? | Important skills | Educating yourself | Problem definition | Improving skills

Part 3

Inspirational figure | Girls in tech | Advice for girls | Startup competition | Work smart vs hard | Remote vs in-house

Part 4

Part 5