Sherizan Sheikh

Product Design Lead
when interviewed in
January 2018

Sherizan Sheikh is the Product Design Lead at Grab, Southeast Asia’s answer to Uber. He seems very much like a self-made UI/UX designer. Before getting his degree in information technology, Sherizan started out the hard way when new fancy web design lingo and the e-commerce mania co-existed in the final days of Netscape and GeoCities.

Today, he is in charge of design at one of the most influential and exciting transportation brands in Southeast Asia. As a prime example of a designer with an edge through coding skills, Sherizan shares his experiences and challenges as a designer in this interview.

“One of our biggest challenges in the Southeast Asian market, with its multiple languages and different cultures, is how to design one single easy-to-use interface where as soon as you see the design or the flow, you understand what to do, regardless of where you come from or what language you speak. That’s definitely one of the most challenging but rewarding aspects of the job.”


Part 1

Current responsibilities | Internal tools | Design toolset | Code & design | Styleguides | Coding skills | Back-end dabblings | Useful languages

Part 2

Early days | Grab? | Tricky bits | Growth opportunities | Useful skills | College education

Part 3

Startup? | Future perspective | 2050 | A better future

Part 4

Part 5