Michael Blakey

Angel Investor
Cocoon Capital
when interviewed in
December 2017

Michael Blakey, ‘UK Angel Investor of the Year 2015’, moved to Singapore a few years ago. He wanted to be part of a new high-growth tech market with tons of talent and new challenges. During our conversation it became apparent that the glass-eating pains of building a new company are easier overcome with a veteran like Michael on your side.

Many new startup investors who followed the recent tech hype simply spread their portfolios and infuse young businesses with cash. The folks at Cocoon Capital go further. Michael and his colleagues work very closely with talented founders who show potential and growth. A large part of Michael’s success seems to come from wanting to be part of a company’s journey – offering ‘smart money’ as he would say.

“Today, failure isn’t seen as the death knell of your entrepreneurial experience. It’s actually seen as a starting point, a learning, an education. If you look at a lot of the founders that we’ve got out there, they’ve all had multiple failures. They’ve bounced back and learned from them.”


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