Chan Guiting

Head of Design
when interviewed in
January 2018

Chan Guiting is head of design at ShopBack, a rising Singaporean e-commerce startup that utilises a cashback reward program. As head of design for one of Southeast Asia's largest & fastest growing online loyalty platforms, Guiting is responsible for aligning the branding direction within her team, the marketing and the company as a whole. Guiting is very keen on designing beyond the surface and strives to identify the rationales behind users’ decisions.

During our chat, Guiting openly shared her insights about the local design scene, making mistakes, getting a college degree, getting into the business, design thinking and the continuous challenges of startup land.

“To make sure the design works, it cannot just look good. It must be able to tell the message the brand is trying to say to its customers.”


Part 1

Design for marketing | Startup environment | Becoming a designer | Advice for young people | Food as a design topic in SG

Part 2

What is design | Design vs art | Early days | Software | History of print | Purposeful design

Part 3

Early doubts | Importance of college | Stones in the road | Regrets | Passion

Part 4

Part 5