Sau Sheong Chang

Managing Director
SP Digital
when interviewed in
October 2017

Sau Sheong Chang is lovingly called the ‘codefather’ by friends and industry colleagues. No mob connections here of course. It’s more like a respectful wink towards an accomplished tech veteran who has probably been tinkering with code since the days when Bill Gates made his first billion. Today, Sau Sheong works as managing director for SP Digital, the digital division of the government-linked utilities company that runs the power and gas supply throughout Singapore.

During our 30-minute interview with Sau Sheong, we talked about the local tech scene, getting into coding, scaling teams and the importance of design to create valuable experiences that take the utilities world closer to what a present-day user expects. It was interesting to learn about how some industries seem to swing in and out of being trendy. Of course, we couldn’t resist to throw in a couple of questions about his perspective on the future as well. Overall you will find a very thoughtful, insightful and generous person that is looking to put his coding chops to good use and who might have a significant impact on how Singaporeans will consume power and gas in the future.

“Trust in your own abilities to deliver, but at the same time have a healthy understanding of your own weaknesses and capabilities as well.”


Part 1

Responsibilities | Importance of design | Gamification | ‘Codefather’ origins

Part 2

SG tech scene | Tech swing | Herd mentality

Part 3

Team growth | Scaling teams |

Part 4

Getting into coding | Improving skills | Tricky bits | Coding as career | College education | Persistence | Advice | Equal treatment

Part 5