Kelley Cheng

Creative Director
The Press Room
when interviewed in
November 2017

If one would foolishly want to summarise an experience with Kelley, it would have to be ‘energetic’. You will hardly ever meet someone as driven as the self-made creative director at The Press Room in Singapore. Architect by training, photographer by calling, designer by day, legendary magazine creator, writer, critic, juror for the Red Dot Design Award, university lecturer – the list goes on and on.

In our interview, she was very open and dug deep into her personal experiences. It was wonderful to meet a veteran creative who – first and foremost – considers herself a dreamer. Despite her influence and success, she is still one of the nicest people and always willing to offer insights and support. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have interviewed someone who has been through all sorts of quicksand but who came out laughing at the other end.

“In our studio, we design by distillation. Because if you can make very, very simple elements work and make them beautiful, that is the toughest.”


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Exquisite distillation | Typical days | Tricky bits

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Getting into design | Birth of iSh

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College education | Future perspective | 2050

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Creative journey | Learning addict | Female role models

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