So-Young Kang

Gnowbe, Awaken Group
when interviewed in
April 2018

So-Young Kang is a Korean American from New York who has lived and worked in Singapore for the past seven years. She holds a Harvard MBA, and is currently the founder and CEO of Gnowbe, a mobile-first platform for learning and knowledge sharing.

She shares her love for solving problems in a human centric way, design thinking 3.0, how she works with large organisations. We also talked extensively about transformation design, working smart, making mistakes, balance in life, holistic entrepreneurs and her perspective on the future.

“Startups are hard work. You don’t know what you don’t know. You try to have a nice plan - but forget the plan, it will never happen. You need to constantly adapt and learn - people call it pivoting. There’s no formula.”


Part 1

Solving big problems | Design thinking 3.0 | Improving design skills | New literacies

Part 2

What is a startup | How I started | Important skills | Values | Hard bits

Part 3

Balance in life | Smart work | Striving for excellence

Part 4

Future perspective | Inspirational figures | Holistic entrepreneurs | Startup tips

Part 5