Nina Geometrieva

when interviewed in
February 2018

Nina Geometrieva is a self-made product designer who currently works at Google in Singapore. Before she was headhunted by the search giant, she worked for Grab, a ride-hailing and logistics services startup in Southeast Asia.

In our interview we talked about getting into design, why she moved from Europe to Singapore, how she improves, important skills, what it’s like to work at Google, the importance of college and her optimism about the future.

“I think problem solving is the number one skill in interaction designers – how do you think as a person and how good is your process of judging things, finding faults and finding solutions.”


Part 1

Getting into Design | Being Challenged | Why SG? | Improving | Coding Skills

Part 2

Design Tools | Designer Roles | Important Skills

Part 3

Working at Google | College Important? | Optimistic? | 2050

Part 4

Part 5