Ivonne Bojoh

Co-founder / CXO
when interviewed in
November 2017

Ivonne Bojoh is CXO and Co-founder at GoBear – a cool comparison startup for various types of insurances in Southeast Asia. She has been in the game for a while. Twenty years ago, when startup land wasn’t as hip and trendy as it is today, Ivonne was already getting her feet wet before the first dot-com bubble burst.

Among other topics, we talked about startup basics, reasons to move to Singapore, funding, 9 to 5 life, design, accepting feedback and the requirement of continuous hard work to succeed in this line of business. We’re certain you will be enchanted by her insights and can also learn a thing or two from this veteran founder.

“There are a lot of ideas out there that fail and there are some success stories that prove that it’s possible. Have stamina and make sure you’re in it for the long run. Don’t see it as a sprint or even a marathon, it’s more like an ultrathon. Hang in there and keep fighting for what you believe in.”


Part 1

Startup 101 | Hard work | Funding | Startup vs nine to five | 20 years later

Part 2

Stamina | Singapore startup scene | US influence

Part 3

User tests | Digital product design | Biggest challenge

Part 4

College degrees | Future outlook | 2050

Part 5