John Tan

Co-founder / CEO
Collision 8, Saturday Kids
when interviewed in
February 2018

John Tan is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who has invested in a long list of prominent and successful local start-ups. These days, he runs Collision 8, a collaborative innovation workspace, and Saturday Kids, a digital literacy school for kids between 5-12 years old.

In our chat, John shares more about his current responsibilities and challenges, his thoughts on injecting play into learning, entrepreneurship and getting into investing, amongst others.

“Unless you are mentally prepared for that struggle, and for that all-consuming lifestyle of never not working, then perhaps entrepreneurship is not for you.”


Part 1

Current responsibilities | Saturday Kids | Questioning nature | Current challenges

Part 2

College education | Innate curiosity | Injecting play

Part 3

Startup? | Investing | Good Approach?

Part 4

Useful skills? | Getting into investing | Entrepreneurship

Part 5