Gillian Tee

Co-founder / CEO
when interviewed in
January 2018

Gillian Tee is the CEO and Co-founder of Homage, a startup that offers on-demand home-based care solutions for senior citizens in Singapore, by combining curated caregivers with smart technology.

After spending her early years in Silicon Valley, Gillian returned to Singapore and started Homage with the goal of helping seniors maintain their independence and live with dignity and grace in their old age, whilst empowering the pool of caregivers to become micro-entrepreneurs along the way.

In our interview we talked about her motivations to go into care, startups, her challenges and perspective on the future.

“It’s an exciting time to be here because you’re helping to shape how technology combines with a meaningful area to create solutions that make lives better for everyone.”


Part 1

Current responsibilities | Caregivers | Motivations

Part 2

Bigger picture | Tough days | Tech for good

Part 3

Startup? | Product market fit | Investors

Part 4

Accelerators | Y Combinator | YC modus operandi | Is YC useful?

Part 5

Future perspective | 2050