Ernest Sim

Co-founder / CTO
when interviewed in
October 2017

Ernest Sim is building the future of food; his mission is to improve lives through meaningful food experiences. He is aiming to create a world where eating becomes effortless and enjoyable.

In our conversation, we talked about how he became the CTO of Grain, what Grain aims to achieve, the importance of design and how programming can be a form of art, a means of expressing yourself. In the last part of our talk, we discussed topics like raising money, pitching, angel investors and venture capitalists, and the importance of a product-first strategy.

“Programming for me is important and I like it because it’s a way of expressing yourself. Come to think of it, it’s like art: you create something, you can copy and paste it, you can express how you want to solve a problem. It might not be a problem, it could just be something fun.”


Part 1

Startups | Important skills | Founding Grain | Tricky bits | Good career choice? | Importance of design | Experience design | Lessons learned

Part 2

Coding background | Self-expression | Form of art | Early days | Math skills

Part 3

University degree | Role models | Future optimism | Future scenarios | Regrets?

Part 4

Investing 101 | Angels & VCs | Buying into dreams | Raising money | Pitching | Strategies | Funky terms | Product first

Part 5