Yah-Leng Yu

Creative Director
Foreign Policy Design Group
when interviewed in
October 2017

After spending a significant amount of time overseas working in fashion and design consulting, Yah-Leng returned to Singapore about a decade ago alongside her husband and co-conspirator, Arthur Chin. Together, they founded Foreign Policy Design Group, a highly influential design studio known for radiating strong impulses for the local design scene and beyond. They do branding, interiors and craft experiences – all without forgetting to tell a story along the way.

We met at their exquisite design studio for a 30-minute video chat. Among other topics, we talked about the Singapore design scene, dealing with clients, her professional time in NYC, her responsibilities as creative director and the unsung difficulties that come with working in the design industry. Yah-Leng also shared insights into how Singapore was built as a nation and how her hometown has evolved over the past decade into a place that offers plenty of opportunities for creatives, much like herself.

“ You can’t expect everyone to understand how design would help in their business or their life. It’s not how they’re brought up, educated, or what they’re exposed to. I feel that it is our job to help them see the light.”


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