Darius Cheung

Founder / CEO
when interviewed in
December 2017

Searching for property online is usually less pleasant than nosediving into a cactus plantation. Darius Cheung's newest company, the Sequoia Capital-backed 99.co, is cleaning up the daunting property search space in Singapore – big time.

Darius, an investor, serial entrepreneur, technologist, dreamer and family man, passionately shares his views on building companies, investing, technological opportunities, capitalism and hopes for a more inclusive economic future. We are very glad to know that founders like Darius, people who aim beyond a sole for-profit motive, are out there hustling for their version of the greater good.

“I would say the hardest part of a startup is having the conviction and the willingness to take the risk, not to do it yourself, but to convince other people that this is a vision that’s worth pursuing.”


Part 1

Starting 99.co | Tricky Segment | Tricky Bits | Innovative Approach | Established Enemies

Part 2

Startup | Tricky Bits | Serial Founder | Importance of College | Important Skills

Part 3

Optimistic? | Long Term Views | Equal Chances | 2050 | Abundance Mindset

Part 4

Investing 101 | Angels & VCs | Idealism & Generosity | Startup Tips | Profitability

Part 5