Adeline Setiawan

FabCafe Singapore, Saturday Kids
when interviewed in
March 2018

Adeline Setiawan is the kind of person that wouldn’t surprise her friends if she became the Prime Minister of Singapore one day. She is full of surprises, driven by the heartbeat of an inventor and is motivated to be a force for positive change.

In our conversation, we talked about a wide array of topics including her involvement with Saturday Kids, co-founding FabCafe, entrepreneurs in SG, her perspective on the future, machines writing history, new literacies, important skills and her thoughts on schools in general.

“I think the schools of the future don’t necessarily need to teach kids facts, or get them to memorise things, but rather teach them methods of thinking, especially how to think critically, access and analyse information, and technology is just a small part of that.”


Part 1

Current responsibilities | FabCafe | Early days | Entrepreneur | Tricky bits

Part 2

2050 | Merging with technology? | Peaceful future? | Groundhog day future | Machine relations

Part 3

Coding school | Tricky bits at Saturday Kids | Convincing parents | Early customers | New literacy

Part 4

Important skills | School philosophy | Schools in 2017 | Future schools

Part 5