Khai Seng Hong

Foolproof SG
when interviewed in
January 2018

Khai Seng Hong is the CEO of the Foolproof studio in Singapore. It’s a UX design agency that was started in 2002 in the UK. Khai Seng sums up his job as making his team, including clients, happy – which in turn is UX design in a nutshell.

As a programmer by trade, Khai Seng had an unconventional vantage point into the design world. We talked about his responsibilities, how Foolproof views ‘human resources’, important tools, learning, college education and more. He also shares many stories about his early days as well as how Bruce Lee and micro meditations help his daily decision making.

"When I was a student, I worked as a bartender near a naval base. It was then that I realised how thinking about somebody else and designing for the experience really, really pays off."


Part 1

Foolproof studio | Current responsibilities | Tricky bits | Investing in people vs 'human resource'

Part 2

UX design core | Improving craft | Cool bits about design | Curiosity & innocence

Part 3

Important tools | College necessary? | Daily routine | Micro mediation | Personal philosophy

Part 4

Getting into design | Why design? | Defining moments

Part 5