Daniel Ong

Software Engineer
Singapore Police Force
when interviewed in
April 2018

Daniel Ong is a Stanford computer science graduate and software engineer who was at the time of the interview with the Singapore Police Force. Before his current sabbatical, he was part of a small technology unit within the police force that worked toward providing better technology for men and women in uniform.

During the interview he happily shared his love for coding, creating and his passion for shaping the world through building stuff. We talked further about open source, his experience in Silicon Valley and what inspired him in the Bay Area, the importance of college, programming apprenticeships, startups in Singapore, notions of failure and how to serve the public better.

“I’m a huge fan of the idea of going into places where there aren’t a lot of programmers or creative people, to change how people think, to point them into a different vision and to lead them in that direction.”


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Education | Computer science | Inspiration | Programming

Part 2

Why university | Programming | Toolbox | Programming apprenticeship

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Startups | Programming skills | 3rd generation

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