Ziqq Rafit

UX Designer
Foolproof SG
when interviewed in
February 2018

Ziqq Rafit is a UX designer at Foolproof, an experience design agency with offices in London, Norwich and Singapore. More specifically, he considers himself a social or humanitarian designer. Ziqq is also the founding force behind Design Says Hello, a platform that aims to inspire designers and the public by raising awareness of designs that create meaningful impact in society.

In our interview, we talked about how he puts users at the center of his work, what he considers great design, what it means to design courageously, how he improves his craft and how he designs user-centered processes to make lives better.

“When we talk about empathy, it’s about being genuine as a person, that you are in this business in the first place because you want to make things better. So when you interview users, it shouldn’t be about satisfying the user interview requirements in order to justify your design.”


Part 1

Responsibilities | People-centricity | Tricky bits | Improving

Part 2

The big why? | Getting started | Good design? | Design says hello

Part 3

Storytelling | Serving each other | College education | Tools

Part 4

Important skill | Tricky people | Role model

Part 5