Bradley Priest

Co-founder / CTO
when interviewed in
December 2017

Bradley Priest is the CTO at TradeGecko, a Singapore-based startup that develops online inventory and order management software targeted at SMEs. He co-founded the company with his brother who is also the CEO. Together, the two have assembled a truly impressive and tightly knit team from across the world.

During our interview at their office downtown, Bradley spoke about how he is not very big on diplomas. Instead, he emphasised that other qualities such as curiosity and a drive to learn, are much more important indicators for hiring talent. We also covered getting into coding, his influences, the basics of investing and Startup 101 for the less initiated. It was fascinating to talk to Bradley because he not only has a sharp, analytical mind but also a big heart that takes tremendous care of his friends and co-workers.

“I think the most important thing is the eagerness to learn and explore. You’re not going to find all the answers in one place. You’re going to have to look across multiple data sources. You’re going to have a problem and be able to think outside the box to find the answer to that. Knowing how to frame your problem is really an important skill to have.”


Part 1

Responsibilities | Getting into startups | Tricky bits | Learning to code

Part 2

Important skills | Reduce & simplify | Getting good | College education | Keeping up

Part 3

Kinds of investors | Convincing investors | A pitch | Tips for pitching

Part 4

Part 5